Our Story

PureSKN LLC is an all natural skincare brand created by our Founder and CEO Autumn Stafford. All of our products are handmade with certified organic ingredients. 


This skincare line began with a personal mission to share natural skincare regimens. Prior to this, our Founder worked as a Beauty Specialist. Many customers would continually question what products she used and she would promote the products from that company. One day she left the company and birthed this brain child. 


The mission of PureSKN is to allow a safe transfer from chemically infused skincare products to naturally made skincare products for all. This brand understands that not everyone has the same type of skin. Here, we have products that will fit the dry, the oily and the combination/normal skin types. We are here to help all of you! 


Browse through the product gallery and see what will work for you. As we say here, Get ready to clear your skin with PureSKN ✨

Washington, DC 20018


Opening Hours

Mon - Fri: 7am - 10pm

Saturday: 8am - 10pm

Customer Service

T: 202-630-8965

E: letstalkskn@gmail.com

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